The Blur of POT

On Tuesday I was watching a live session of Alec Couros’ class, Social Media & Open Education. (You probably remember in week 2 we viewed a video of Alec Couros in Teaching and Learning in a Networked World. I recall that it was highly regarded in everyone’s blog posts that week.)

Anyway, his class presentation was reminiscent of the video we saw earlier. He referred to his online residence as “The Blur”. That didn’t really resonate with me the first time, but when I heard it again the other day; it really struck a chord. Probably because now that I’ve had two months experience with the Program For Online Teaching (POT), I can really relate to “The Blur”.  Funny – you might say that the blur has become more clear.

At times in this POT course so far, I have been stimulated, overwhelmed, frantic or exhausted, or all of the above at once. That is the blur. When I opened my RSS reader to see over 250 unread items, I felt like I’m going to have to hurry up or I’ll never get through it all. If I were to spend too much time on any of it, I would miss something else important. (Dr. Couros displayed his RSS reader in one of the sessions, and there were over 1000 unread items)

When I heard Dr. Couros acknowledge the blur to his class, it occurred to me that the blur is a fact of life for all of us. It’s always going to be there. So if I want to do a deep dive and spend all day focused on one interesting item, that’s okay. When I’m done, I can go back to the blur. It’s waiting for us. If I missed anything important, if it’s really good, then someone will retweet it or  post a link on Facebook or comment about it in a blog, and sooner or later I’ll see it.  I found it strangely re-assuring. So my personal take away from all this is to relax and appreciate the blur for what it is.

If you’re interested, Dr Couros opened his class webcasts to the public.  Here’s a link to the schedule. He presents many of the classes himself, or has a guest presenter. Last week it was George Siemens.

I found out about the Couros course from a Twitter message while I was exploring Twitter, and I was exploring Twitter because it was a suggested activity for a POT assignment. Is that clear?

Are there any questions?