Pedagogy First reflections and review #potcert11

Here’s my week 23 presentation for the 2011-2012 Pedagogy First Program for Online Teaching Certificate class. It’s a review of the course along with some personal reflections. I tried to develop it from the perspective of someone watching that hasn’t taken the course but might want to know what it’s like.

It’s mostly a bunch of screenshots and screencasts from the class and my blog and some webcam shots of me. I also used some screenshots from other participants, I hope no one minds. It’s not that I’m trying to take credit for anyone’s work. I’m just trying to capture something of the Pedagogy First experience, and the contributions of everyone are part of that.

I chose to work with video because I wanted to learn more about it. I’ve been following the activity on DS106 and they have been doing video projects recently. I haven’t had much time to work on DS106 assignments, but I wanted to try out some of the tools and tricks I learned about there, so I thought this presentation project would be a good place to experiment. I guess that makes you all my experimental subjects.

I also feel like I need more experience speaking in front of a webcam before I start making class materials, so this was another chance to practice that.

It took a lot longer to make than I expected, but I learned a lot about working with video, so I think it was worthwhile.

It turns out to be 11 minutes, slightly longer than requested, but you can stop it any time you want.

As mentioned, I had to pare down my original draft quite a bit. I would have liked to say more about the group interactions. So much of the learning in the program came from other participants and not just from the materials provided by the facilitators.

I also cut the following paragraph because it was not really about the program, but I still wanted to share it –

During the semester break I had time to follow up on some references and contacts from the first half of the course. In the process, I discovered DS106, another online phenomenon. It appealed to me for some of the same reasons as Pedagogy First, and I enjoyed a brief fling with yams and fat cats and animated gifs. Fortunately, the resumption of Pedagogy First in February provided the necessary intervention to prevent my total assimilation into the obsessive cult-like grip of DS106. For me, Pedagogy First comes First, but after that, its DS106 for life. Resistance is futile.

Thanks for your attention.

Are there any questions?