Summer Camp at #DS106

Hello campers.
This summer the DS106 summer session is organized around a summer camp theme. Camp Magic Macguffin opened up last Monday for a ten week run and who knows what is in store. This this is my “camp letter” for the first week.

Well like a good camper, I spent most of the week outdoors. Although that took me away from my digital world for a while, its the first time this year that my schedule, my health and the weather have cooperated favorably to let me get out and take care of some much neglected yard work. Thanks to Cris’ Daily Create post recently, I was able to take this on as a creative challenge rather than as a dreaded chore. And after several days of work, when it finally hit 90 this afternoon, I was able to take a break in the shade and look around at what I had accomplished with some sense of satisfaction, rather than just seeing all the work that remains to be done.

I wasn’t really completely disconnected from the digital world though. As I worked, I listened to the Michael Wesch presentation that was assigned this week.

In fact I found a number of interesting talks at the UMW Faculty Academy Vimeo Channel in addition to the Wesch talk,  so I loaded them all to my phone. I grabbed a pair of headphones and listened to them all as I worked. Very interesting stuff. Recommended viewing/listening for all. Then the phone and headset seemed a perfect subject for me to use for today’s Daily Create on connections.
So after admiring my yard work and cooling off a bit I again picked up my phone to check on the Camp newsfeed and catch up on the latest news. Campers’ blogging activity is picking up and I read many interesting accounts and camp letters. Although I’m here as just another open online student, the teacher in me couldn’t help but wanting to say a thing or two about some of the posts. But my fingers and my phone keyboard don’t make a good match, so commenting from my phone usually doesn’t work out too well. Anyway, what I was thinking of posting as advice has already been well written up  in the post Earn Your Blogging Badge on the Camp Magic Macguffin web site. I think all campers (me too) could probably make our blogs and letters more interesting if we keep some of these tips in mind.

Well another week of camp is about to begin, so this tired camper is going to hit the camp cot and catch some ZZZs.

That’s my story. Any Questions?