More Flickr Fun

A follow up to an earlier post: Flickr Fun.

This may be old news to some, but I just learned about Flickr RSS feeds for Flickr groups and tags. If you’re not familiar with RSS maybe you should check it out.  If you like to follow a lot of stuff online its a great way to do it. I follow lots of bloggers and even Tweets in my RSS reader. I tend to check my RSS reader even more than email and Twitter. It’s great with an RSS reader on a smartphone.

So when I found out there were RSS feeds for Flickr I was pretty excited. Now I can see what’s going on in The Daily Create from my newsreader, at least on the days when we’re posting to Flickr. Now that we’re using the dailycreate tag its really easy to follow the Flickr Daily Creates in RSS.

Here’s the short version of the story, follow this link to subscibe –

You can follow other tags on Flickr the same way, just replace dailycreate with the tag you want.

You can also subscribe to Flickr groups. For instance, last year I joined the Flickr group “2012/366photos”. Its a place you can post a picture every day. I thought it was part of DS106 when I signed up. It’s not, but a lot of friends of DS106 post there. To subscribe to the RSS feed for the group, use this link –

That funny code “600611@N20” is the groupID. You can subscribe to other groups by replacing that number with the ID of the group you want to follow. To find a group ID, use a site such as  getFlickrID  or idGettr

You can even get the feed for a particular user. You get the user id from one of those sites I just mentioned then put it in a url like this –

That will get you a subscription to my Flickr photostream.

More technical details about Flickr RSS feeds can be found here:

Do you know a better way to do this? Leave a comment, or share any other Flickr tricks you know.

That’s my story. Any questions.