I’m a Flickr Fan

I like using Flickr for sharing photos. There are several similar services that I’ve tried, but Flickr remains my favorite so far. It integrates well with my Android devices and it allows for easy sharing. I especially like that I can send out links to my pictures that anyone can visit, even if they don’t have their own Flickr account. Anyone can browse for publicly shared pictures. You only need to login to post pictures or join the various social groups within Flickr. In some cases you don’t even have to logon to leave comments.  You can also get embed codes for pictures to add to your blog or website. I’ve heard that Facebook actually stores more photos than Flickr or any other online photo service, but I don’t think you can embed them anywhere else or browse them without logging into Facebook.  Maybe you can, but I don’t know how.

By the way I’m not an employee or owner of Flickr, just a mostly satisfied customer. Yes, I am a customer. So far it’s the only online service I’ve paid for, (other than my hosting service and ISP). The so-called Flickr-Pro service works out to less than $2 a month, which is a good value to me. I frequently misplace more than $2 a month, so it doesn’t strike me as all that expensive. Actually, the main advantage is the nearly unlimited access.   Free accounts have limits on the number and size of pictures you can upload but most of the features that I use are available to free accounts.



Flickr Screenshot

I’ve written about some of the things I like on Flickr in some earlier posts. In the first post, Flickr Fun, I showed how to use the annotation feature and a third-party utility called Mbedr. I also looked at several tools for adding Flickr image citations in your blogs.

Last Fall I learned that you could get RSS feeds for Flickr streams from tags or groups or users, and I wrote a short post about that, More Flickr Fun.

Feel free to check out those earlier posts.

Flickr Tagcloud

Flickr Tag Cloud

Today I wanted to describe Flickr Sets. Sets are like categories or albums where you can group photos that are related in some way. You can then view all your related photos together. You can arrange the photos in any order. You can share a link to the whole set instead of sending out links to individual pictures.  I have created several sets of my own pictures for special events or just for fun. My sets are all public on Flickr.

Flickr also automatically creates slideshows for your Sets. When I have pictures I want to share on Facebook, I usually make a Flickr Set and post the link on Facebook back to the Flickr slideshow. You can also get embed codes for the slideshows for your blog. This morning I scanned in a few old pictures from a home improvement project and created a set/slideshow. It tells the story of an addition we built several years ago. It’s not a very interesting story, but I think it demonstrates the possibilities.

Here it is embedded. You can also see it on Flickr.

Students and Digital Storytellers might have some fun with this 3d Rotating Image Cube. Actually it has nothing to do with Flickr, but I loaded it up with pictures from Flickr for this example. I picked six pictures I uploaded to Flickr for the DS106 Daily Create and entered the URLs into the website. I got back an embed code which I’m using below. The rotating cube is pretty awesome. You can affect the rotation effect by moving your mouse around it. It’s done in Flash though, so if you’re Flash deprived, you might not be able to see it. (I don’t have any affiliation with swfspot, I just think it’s cool.)

A  few weeks ago, Cris  wrote about getting a ‘twofer’ by blogging for etmooc and DS106 at the same time. Building on that, I think I’ve got a ‘threefer’ here. Pedagogy First is just finishing up a week on Images and Screenshots, while DS106 is just about to begin its week on Visual arts, and etmooc is in the middle of its session on Digital Storytelling, so I think I can post this to all three groups. I don’t get to blog as much as I’d like, so I like to get the best mileage possible.

That’s my Story, Are there any questions?