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I happened to be on hand when the DS106 Daily Create project got started January 8, 2012.  I started doing the projects as an open online participant in the DS106 class.  Even after the class finished, I kept doing these. I find its a fun way to add a little creative expression and experimentation to my day. It beats spending 15-20 minutes a day on Facebook, etc, for me. So far, as of today (1/12/2013), I’ve done them all, in order, on time, blah, blah, blah.

I’ve been keeping track of all my daily create projects and decided to publish these pages just for fun. Each one has a link back to the home page for each assignment. The real fun is looking at all the other submissions and seeing all the cool artwork the others have done. Even more fun is doing them yourself. You should give it a try. Click here for today’s project assignment.


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453. April 4, 2013 – tdc452

452. April 3, 2013 – tdc451

Make video of you reciting favourite tongue twister to appropriate music.

Ragtime Cogdog Show

451. April 2, 2013 – tdc450

Your ideal learning space. What features does it have? Draw them. Go wild!



450. April 1, 2013 – tdc449

Money, Money, Money. Make a photo that shows your perspective on making money.

sell, sell, sell

sell, sell, sell


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